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>I have the SRBD now, will get Fundulus notatus within two weeks, and if
>the weather works out I can get some smaller logperch within that time
>frame also.  Perhaps Mark Binkley has a collecting locality for
>Blackside darters. Mark you out there?  Want to do an NFC Project
>collecting trip with me?  How about a pair or two of Variegate darters,
>Etheostoma variegatum? They are truly outstanding. Another fish to
>consider is Luxilus ardens (don't remember if the genus is
>right-reference book is at home), the rosefin shiner....its a really
>nice easy to care for fish. Do they want any native plants? Spring
>Valley will be loaded with many types by summer.

Hey, doesn't take much to get me into the water.  I've found blacksides in
the upper Darby.  Also rosefins.  Matt and I would like to see that Spring
Valley Lake sometime.  Wonder if there are chubsuckers in there.

>BTW, my bluntnose minnows spawned day before yesterday underneath a
>piece of wood.  This is the first native minnow I have spawned in an

Congratulations!  What were the day length and temperature conditions?  Did
you have the fish all winter?

Mark Binkley
Columbus Ohio USA          <))><
mbinkley at earthling_net