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-> Hey, doesn't take much to get me into the water.  I've found 
-> blacksides in the upper Darby.  Also rosefins.  Matt and I would like 
-> to see that Spring Valley Lake sometime.  Wonder if there are 
-> chubsuckers in there.

Could be, I don't know.  The plants won't make their appearance for
awhile, but when they do there will be unbelievable variety.

-> >BTW, my bluntnose minnows spawned day before yesterday underneath a
-> >piece of wood.  This is the first native minnow I have spawned in an
-> >aquarium.

-> Congratulations!  What were the day length and temperature 
-> conditions?  Did you have the fish all winter?

 The photolength was 12 hours, and the temperature is about 74 I think.
I have had them since early December.  The male got tubercules when I
lengthened the photoperiod from eight to 12 hours and the female got
nice and fat. Both have been swimming around with their tubes hanging
out for some time. The EPA protocol for spawning fatheads is a
photoperiod of 16 hours.  These fish are warm  water spawners.