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Re: NFC: NEw Fish Wish List

In a message dated 4/8/99 8:05:56 AM Central Daylight Time, 
robertrice at juno_com writes:

<< . Also any info people
 have on the Irredescent Shark (pangasius suchi). >>


Unless you have available at least a 100 gal. tank, I would stay away from 
the Irredescent Sharks.  They are a beautiful fish, but require a lot of room 
as they are active swimmers and jumpers.   The biggest tanks I have at 
present are 55 gal.  I have two sharks and they have grown to 17 inches each 
and they are cramped.  They are also banged up as they flush, usually for no 
apparent reason.  I have bricks on top of the glass covers, and two times , 
so far, they managed to hit the covers so hard that they still jumped out 
with the covers slamming shut after they left the tank.
My tanks are in our basement, and fortunately, both times I heard the noise 
and rushed down and managed to save them.  They are hardy, I must say, As 
they hit the cement floor both times, but totally recovered each
 time.  They  look terrible bruised however.

They look cute in the stores when they are little. But beware, they grow big 
fast.  They probably would give a good fight on hook and line.

Incidently, if you still decide to try them out, get a minimum of two.  They 
are schooling fish.  When I got my first one, it would not eat at all.  A 
week later, I got the second one, and both started swiming and eating 
together the same day the second was introduced.  They love Tetramin 
Tabimins, Algae Galore, small worms, and cichlid sinking pellets.

Good luck,
George Choc