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Re: NFC: Rainbow Fish

In a message dated 2/13/99 10:23:15 AM Eastern Standard Time,
klaus.schoening at jungle_org writes:

<< -> Is anyone on the list doing Rainbow fish?
 ->  Have a trio of what were sold as "featherfin" rainbows, and the male is
 -> displaying courtship like mad.
  yes I have a number of rainbow fish, spawning them is easy, but raising
 the fry requires microfoods.
 Klaus >>

what I have been using for years in regular pond water fopr the the first ten
days, except or featherfins Iriatherina werneri wjhich may need an additional
week of pond water before switching over to live baby brine shrimp.  It is
also important when feeding baby brine shrimp to have strong surface
illumination so the shrimp will gravitate to the surface where the fry will
eat them.