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Re: NFC: Oscar Data

I have seen several references to the use of beef heart for a fish food
supplement.  Beef heart has been used for years by aquarists with good
results.  However, there are several drawbacks with the use of this food.
Beef heart is very fatty and will cause deitary problems with fish over a long
period of feeding.  Also it leaves a "oily scum" on the surface of the water.
I have been using turkey heart in place of beef.  the fish relish if just as
well, the cost is a little cheaper and it does not leave an oily scum on the
surface of the water.  The only draw back that I seem to incounter was the
amount that I had to buy from the butcher ( 50 lb) but that may change with
different suppliers.  The price was under $1.00 per pound.

Bill Duzen