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Re: NANFA-- NFC: Rainbow Fish (fwd)

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Date: Sun, 14 Feb 1999 08:47:06 +1000
From: Bruce Hansen <bhansen at ozemail_com.au>
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Subject: Re: NANFA-- NFC: Rainbow Fish


You have Iriatherina werneri - from various areas of northern Australia and
southern New Guinea. They generally are found in tropical swamps and
billabongs near aquatic plants - waters are usually warm, soft and acid.
They spawn continuously (20+ eggs per day per female) and take about a week
to hatch fromthe mops or plants. The small fry need tiny infusorians or APR
initially and grow quite quickly if given enough temp and food.

If you can try to raise enough to keep 50 or more in a 4 footer as a school
and see the real beauty of them against a planted background - if they are
happy in the right conditions all the colours come out. Published photos
rarely show them in full colour. They have a very small terminal mouth so
tend to be mid-water feeders especially of daphnia, BBS, mosquito larvae,
vinegar eels, microworms etc -they will take some food from the surface but
virtually nothing from the substrate. Also very peaceful with everything


Bruce Hansen, A.N.G.F.A., Advancing Australian Aquatics.

Bruce Hansen, ANGFA, caring for our aquatic ecosystems.

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From: Mark Binkley <mbinkley at earthling_net>
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Date: Sunday, 14 February 1999 6:36
Subject: NANFA-- NFC: Rainbow Fish

>>Date: Sat, 13 Feb 1999 05:38:53 -0500 (EST)
>>From: killieboy at webtv_net (Ray Suydam)
>>Subject: NFC: Rainbow Fish
>>Sender: owner-nfc at actwin_com
>>Is anyone on the list doing Rainbow fish?
>> Have a trio of what were sold as "featherfin" rainbows, and the male is
>>displaying courtship like mad.
>>Ray Suydam
>>Port Jefferson
>>Long Island,NY