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Re: NFC: First 1999 NFC Online Auction Items - Final Results

Sorry for the delay, due to illness and work issues.

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>Subject: Re: NFC: First 1999 NFC Online Auction Items - 3rd Update
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>Killie Trade/Sell - http://www.angelfire.com/biz2/killietrader
>Top bids received as of 6:00 pm EST are listed below. As this is the 
>last update before the end of the auction, please reply to all 
>addressees on the header so that everyone can figure out who the high 
>bidders are.
>LOT #1: FOUR ITEMS:  (4)  2 lb pkgs live redworms delivered.
>Retail value $40 plus shipping for each package per online price of 
>redworms from Mike Reed Enterprises (http://www.mreed.com/). These 
>redworms can be used to compost vegetable scraps to make high quality 
>compost in addition to being used as fish food.
>   Bids So Far (top four bidders - not the early bird - get the worms):             
>        D. Moody, $30 
>        Robert Rice: $20
>        Ray Suydam: $25
>        Charles Anderton, $20
>        Klaus Schoening, $25
>        Ronald W. Brooks, $25
>        George Choc, $30
          Barry Barlow, $30
>LOT #2: ONE ITEM: 1/2 day of Robert's time collecting - about 50 fish.  
>Retail value: approximately $150
>   Bids so far:
>         D. Moody, $65
>         Klaus Schoening, $55
>         Ronald Brooks, $60
>LOT #3: ONE ITEM: 1 Pro 2 powerhead for 25 gallon tanks
>Retail value: $12
>      Bids so far:
>        D. Moody, $5
>        D. Martin Moore, $10 (for powerhead plus 
>              item #4, below - needs to be clarified re: how much for 
>each;               estimate $7 for the powerhead and $3 for the fish 
>        Josh Wiegert, $15
>LOT#4:  ONE ITEM: one 7 oz OSI Aquarium Staple Flake Food.
>Retail value: $10
>        Bids so far:
>           D. Moody, $10
>           D. Martin Moore, included in bid for #3 (est. $3)
>           Howard Hasz, $8

>LOT#5: ONE ITEM: eight  packages (6 Oz each)  Algae Galore Pellets By 
>Nippon.  Great food for bottom feeders, plecos, etc.  Retail value $5 
>each; $40 for the group
>    Bids so far:
>           D. Martin Moore: $10

>LOT #6:  THREE ITEMS:  Plastic Wrapped 6pk Wardlys 1.80z freeze dried 
>Krill. Retail value: $18 for _each_ 6 pk
>     Bids so far (only two bids for three packages of krill):
>          D. Moody, $10; 
>          D. Martin Moore, $5
>LOT #7: ONE ITEM: 1 case of adjustable check valves (24 count) by 
>Rennanace. Retail value: $18
>     Bids so far:
>             D. Martin Moore, $7
>LOT #8:  ONE ITEM: "CardScan Executive" , donated by Martin Moore.  
>Strictly for scanning business cards.  It will sync with all PDA's 
>Windows CE as well. The scanner's software uses OCR to sort the various 
>fields into a database, so the user can quickly look up any contact, 
>them to a mailing list, etc.  Retail value: $200
>     Bids so far: none
>1. Auction purchases are not considered tax-deductible if the 
>recipient gets a product equal or greater in value than street price of 
>the product. In cases where the purchase price exceeds the street 
>the amount OVER the retail price can be considered a donation for tax 
>2. Donations are still needed for the Credit Card Project, which will 
>allow the NFC to do Net e-commerce by credit cards.  So far, $125 has 
>been pledged and we need $600 - every little bit helps.  Donations 
>will be placed in a special NFC Special Projects savings account until 
>we have enough money to purchase the needed services and equipment.  
>Please write "Credit Card Project" on the check in the memo area or on 
>an accompanying note.  If the donation is for another special project 
>purpose, please indicate this. Additional donations can be made for 
>specific special projects, such as land purchase, environmental 
>education projects in schools, etc.   ALL donations to the NFC Special 
>Projects Fund are fully tax-deductible as allowed by law.   Please send 
>all donations for special projects to:
>Native Fish Conservancy, Inc.
>Special Projects Fund
>PO Box 226
>East Montpelier VT  05651-0226
>The NFC is a nonprofit corporation under the laws of the State of 
>Vermont and is also a Federally recognized tax-exempt organization 
>under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.
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