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RE: NFC: Rosy reds

->Mark Binkley
->Columbus Ohio USA          <))><
->mbinkley at earthling_net

Well I am about 2 hours straight north of you Mark

->What do you gut load the feeders with?

I gut load with an all purpose basic flake . I let them eat all they can
then catch and feed them out. the Oscars eat them within 5 minutes

->Did you breed your own Oscar stock?
No I purchased small 2.5 inch Oscars from the local pet store. Hopefully I
will get a pair or two out of them.

->Another good live food source would be goldfish.  If you have
->any decent sized pond, you should be able to produce tons of them with no
->effort.  You would have to devise a way of handling the feeders over the
->winter so they don't get froze under and inaccessible...that is if you're
->in the north.

as the quality of rosy reds in the area is extremely poor ( disease and
fungal infections ) I have switched over to small feeder goldfish . Also
each Oscar was eating 10 medium to large rosy reds. I plan to breed goldfish
and maybe my Koi will breed this year  and raise up feeders. As I have a
greenhouse I can overwinter any feeders in stock tanks.

->  How 'bout earthworms?  Supposed to be high protein.  Might be more
->difficult to gut load, though.

I am planning to add Red Worms to the diet of the Live foods group , but as
yet I don't have enough growing . I purchased 4 doz. at the bait shop and
only 3 were alive. once I have a good worm composter going I can add worms
to the equation.