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RE: NFC: Rosy reds

>I have two 200 gallon test tanks one using commercial pellets and the other
>using live foods that are gut loaded. I am almost at the 3 moth mark where I
>will weigh and measure them. Though I , just from observation that the live
>fed ones are about a third larger. also the seem to be thicker.

What do you gut load the feeders with?  I'm starting to do this with
cichlid fry that I use to feed darters and such.  Did you breed your own
oscar stock?  Another good live food source would be goldfish.  If you have
any decent sized pond, you should be able to produce tons of them with no
effort.  You would have to devise a way of handling the feeders over the
winter so they don't get froze under and inaccessible...that is if you're
in the north.

I'm using pairs of port Cichlids in ten gallon tanks to produce feeder fry.
They are pretty peaceful and fairly prolific.  I have a pair of C
managuense (Jaguars) that lay thousands of eggs at a pop.  Need larger
quarters though, and more careful pairing.

I would think if you want to raise feeders to any size, the cheapest way
would be to do it out in ponds.  That's how they do the fatheads for bait.
Golden shiners too, which are larger.  Creek Chubs might work too.  Don't
know.  How 'bout earthworms?  Supposed to be high protein.  Might be more
difficult to gut load, though.

Mark Binkley
Columbus Ohio USA          <))><
mbinkley at earthling_net