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Re: NFC: Use of Gambusia for Mosquito Control (fwd)

At present, the NFC does not have an official adopted policy on the use 
of gambusia for mosquito control.  In numerous instances where they have 
been introduced, gambusia have caused significant declines in native 
fish populations.  They continue to be introduced primarily due to 
governmental agencies providing them as a biological control agent, 
despite the fact that many native fishes are much better at mosquito 
control than gambusia.

Excessive populations of mosquitoes indicate an environment out of 
balance, with too few consumers of either mosquito larvae, adult 
mosquitoes or both.  In many cases, overpopulation of adult mosquitoes 
is due to decline in bat populations due to habitat destruction, 
pesticide poisoning, or other factors.  At other times, it is due to 
changing land use practices which cause the decline of native fish 
populations that previously controlled the mosquito larvae.  Restoring a 
balanced ecosystem is a better strategy for nuisance insect control than 
further degrading an environment by the introduction of non-native fish 

A better strategy for mosquito control is illustrated in Robert Rice's 
article, "The Resurrection of Fox Den Lake", which can be downloaded 
from the Articles section of the NFC website 
(http://nativefish.interspeed.net/).  This article discusses the 
potential of habitat restoration to deal with environmental problems 
instead of using quick-fixes that are ineffective and potentially more 

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>Dear NFC,
>I wanted to know your position on the use of mosquitofish (Gambusia
>affinis/holbrooki) for mosquito control.
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