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Re: NFC: Use of Gambusia for Mosquito Control (fwd)

This is so fantastic! It is in this kind of interactive access to
information that the Internet will make its greatest social contribution.


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Date: Wednesday, January 13, 1999 9:55 AM
Subject: Re: NFC: Use of Gambusia for Mosquito Control (fwd)

>At present, the NFC does not have an official adopted policy on the use
>of gambusia for mosquito control.  In numerous instances where they have
>been introduced, gambusia have caused significant declines in native
>fish populations.  They continue to be introduced primarily due to
>governmental agencies providing them as a biological control agent,
>despite the fact that many native fishes are much better at mosquito
>control than gambusia.
>Excessive populations of mosquitoes indicate an environment out of
>balance, with too few consumers of either mosquito larvae, adult
>mosquitoes or both.  In many cases, overpopulation of adult mosquitoes
>is due to decline in bat populations due to habitat destruction,
>pesticide poisoning, or other factors.  At other times, it is due to
>changing land use practices which cause the decline of native fish
>populations that previously controlled the mosquito larvae.  Restoring a
>balanced ecosystem is a better strategy for nuisance insect control than
>further degrading an environment by the introduction of non-native fish
>A better strategy for mosquito control is illustrated in Robert Rice's
>article, "The Resurrection of Fox Den Lake", which can be downloaded
>from the Articles section of the NFC website
>(http://nativefish.interspeed.net/).  This article discusses the
>potential of habitat restoration to deal with environmental problems
>instead of using quick-fixes that are ineffective and potentially more
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>>Dear NFC,
>>I wanted to know your position on the use of mosquitofish (Gambusia
>>affinis/holbrooki) for mosquito control.
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