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Re: NFC: Peltier Junction Cooling

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Subject:        	Re: NFC: Peltier Junction Cooling
Date sent:      	Tue, 5 Jan 1999 21:03:54 -0500
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> > Has anyone attempted to use a Peltier Junction as a cooling device for an
> > aquarium?
> >I have considered this but it would be more expensive than just
> >getting a chiller.  You would need a lot of PJ's to do the job, and
> >last time I checked they were about $10 each. Plus, you would
> >have to figure out a way to get rid of all the heat which, although
> >not terribly difficult, adds to the expense and complexity.
> Does anyone know how the coefficient of cooling for a Peltier junction
> compares with that of a compressor-driven chiller?  In other words, how much
> power (W) must be added for a given rate of heat transfer (Q)?  I know that
> the thermodynamic limit is given by W/Q = 1 - Tc/Th, where Tc and Th are the
> absolute temperatures of the cold and hot sides, respectively.  No actual
> chiller is close to this minimum, but it would be possible to get
> arbitrarily close, if someone develops the right technology.
> By the way, how much heat transfer capacity does one of those $10 Peltier
> junctions have?

I need to dig through some of my old electronics surplus catalogs 
for specs.  The heat transfer capacity is not impressive :-(



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