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Re: NFC: Peltier Junction Cooling

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From: D. Martin Moore <archimedes at master_localink4.com>
To: nfc at actwin_com <nfc at actwin_com>
Date: Monday, January 04, 1999 3:31 AM
Subject: Re: NFC: Peltier Junction Cooling

> Has anyone attempted to use a Peltier Junction as a cooling device for an
> aquarium?

>I have considered this but it would be more expensive than just
>getting a chiller.  You would need a lot of PJ's to do the job, and
>last time I checked they were about $10 each. Plus, you would
>have to figure out a way to get rid of all the heat which, although
>not terribly difficult, adds to the expense and complexity.

Does anyone know how the coefficient of cooling for a Peltier junction
compares with that of a compressor-driven chiller?  In other words, how much
power (W) must be added for a given rate of heat transfer (Q)?  I know that
the thermodynamic limit is given by W/Q = 1 - Tc/Th, where Tc and Th are the
absolute temperatures of the cold and hot sides, respectively.  No actual
chiller is close to this minimum, but it would be possible to get
arbitrarily close, if someone develops the right technology.

By the way, how much heat transfer capacity does one of those $10 Peltier
junctions have?

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