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NFC: evil-lution

	I have to apologize to the man who said that he was somehow offended by
references to evolution in some our posts. Not because I believe as he does
but because I genuinely believe everyone has a right to their opinions.
Neither religion or evolution is a farce, I believe someday we will come to
reconcile the two, science detests the occult as defined by religion as much
as religion does. I personally think they are different sides of the same
coin. I have no doubt that some of you would think me crazy for the Cherokee
Medicine Bag I wear around my neck, it represents an important part of my
heritage. Their is two things I know for sure religion is not a farce it is a
driving force in our society, evolution on the other hand is not a farce
either. There is more than enough proof to verify the reality of evolution,
the only real question is what is the driving force, and as I said earlier I
think they are opposite sides of the same coin, some of the most deeply
religious people are the people that study the cosmos. There is beauty and
symmetry everywhere. I am thinking of removing myself from these lists, I know
it my choice and would be missed by no one. But I have always thought that our
organizations were at the core scientific. Studying the relationship between
animals and how certain species are related to each other has to be done in a
scientific manner or it is drivel. If my religion negated the existence and
importance of science I for one could not in good conscience be a part of
these organizations. Somehow we have to learn to live and let live if we can't
all is lost both here in this small arena and in the real world as well.

Michael Hissom