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NFC: Evolution, Religion, Etc.

JL wakes up from his napping position in the corner, removes his lurker
hat, and puts on his annoyed admin hat.  Utoh. :)

  I'm an atheist, and personally do not believe in the existance of any
god, gods, or such.... just my general disclaimer when I type something
like this. :)
  Occassionally, the subject of evolution pops up into this -- and many
other - lists, eithr slightly off topic, on topic, or completely off the
wall. :)  It happens.  Evolution is not a fact, its an idea, a theory.
Its not even a law.  (Mind you, science states that nothing can ever be
proven or disproven.)  Evolution, quite frankly, is just as plausible or
laughable as the idea of a god sweeping his hand across the cosmos and
creating it.  The half-bred idea of a god directing evolution is just as
plausible or laughable too.  
  As any bunch of rational people, we have to keep an open mind about
this, and respect other people's ideas.  There are people out there who
believe that all life was created 6,000 years ago exactly as we know it
today.  Their belief is exactly that, a belief.  Theres amny people who
believe the world was created some 5,000,000,000 years ago, and that life
began over a long, long period, evolving by chance occruences into its
current form.  Then, theres people like me, who believe that the world all
came into existance shortly before lunch.  Moreover, none of you actually
exist, but are figments of my immagination.  
  Al those ideas are absolutely as plausable as the other -- none can be
disproved, none can be proved (at least not until the government grants me
the deuterium converter for my time machine.... stupid buerocratic
redtape...).  We have to respect them.  We don't have to believe them.  I
don't expect anyone here actually believes that they're a figment of my
imagination ... because everyone knows I have a better imagination than
that! :)  
  Point being... if someone's belief counters yours... accept it.  Don't
flame them.. don't get angry... don't be a general ass about it.  Just
say, perhaps more appropriately to oneself and oneself only, "Gee, that's
a different view than mine.  I'll respect that, though."  If you have a
different viewpoint on something, feel free to state it -- just don't get
into a flamewar/angry tantrum over it.  
  With that,
Merry Yule, Happy Hannukah (I can never spell that one right), Merry
Christmas, Happy Misc. Holiday of your choice.
J. L. Wiegert
 Dubotchugh yIpummoH.                      bI'IQchugh Yivang!
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