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NFC: Challenge to this list.....

Hello all,

I am back in town for a few weeks and rejoined the list . Did I miss much
? While I was out of town I thought a bit about this list , Aquarists in
general, and what not. I had some ideas that Id like to talk about over
the next few months . Generally Aqurists are the most behind in the
conservation end of things. Birders have a Nice non profit Parrot org
that supports alot of neat projects, herpers have a several similar orgs
that spend $$$$ on projects. So after a bit of thought heres the first
step I came up with. How about this list lead the way. For the most part
most readers are conservation minded and are on the right page.

So anyway here is my challenge to this list. Initiate, fund and complete
a small conservation project. it does not matter wether ultimatly the
funds go to the NFC, Audobon, Nature Conservacy any legit organization..I
can help with some of the logistics but Id like to see some of you folks
get off the ball and tell me what you want to do.....1000 bucks to XYZ
project would be a real good challenge for this list......

Robert Rice
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