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NFC: Collecting issues /sales o fish

I don't think that the NFC should need to
support the unnecessary pillaging and plundering of native species and their
habitats in order to save them.WARRENa.k.a. Phishhed
AOL-Inst.Msgr. screen name: welaka


Given your strong feelings against collecing and selling fish ...how  do you
justify collecting and trading fish ? The fish are pillaged as you put it and
traded verses sold...I doubt the fish cares not wether he was sold or

You also seem to miss the entire point of a sanctioned collector. sanctioning
carries responsibility and  consequences. If  Darryl for instance turns out to
be a dead beat trader/seller he would lose his sanctioning be removed from the
website and be publically chastised. Or if he was caught following
enviromental practices contrary to those we have ageed upon he would be under
the same consequence. I would think people would applaud regulation  and
sanctions to assure that plundering does not occur. We can harvest these fish
forever as long as we protect their enviroments for the same amount o

As far as the nFc is concerned  Aquarist are a side line. Its a side line I
have a soft spot for cause I am one but strident irrational discord does not
help the Aquarist /collectors cause. I would think the recreational collector
would  appreciate regulation and monitoring as it would carry so much more
clout with the various fisheries agencies and insure his survival. So a
sanctioned NFC collector should be  percieved as  good thing. Conservationist
real enemy is the bulldozer not the dipnet. :)

BTW folks I am not on the list anymore  so send any important  messages
directly to me ...Happy Holidays...