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Re: NFC: Scientific Collectors Permits

Chuck and anyone else interested in collecting under a NFC Scientific 
Collection Permit:

Lots of questions, but I offer kudos for wanting to take the straight 
and narrow path! At present, I have gotten some information from OH and 
KY and need to get it from the other states.  Essentially, states come 
in  two flavors: one of which allows collecting of non-game fish under a 
fishing license  and those that do not. Some states that allow taking of 
baitfish under their fishing license but only allow collected baitfish 
to be used for hook and line fishing only. For these states, collecting 
should be done under an SCP to prevent legal difficulties with game 
wardens which don't share the collector's interpretation of the fishing 

For the vast majority of states, having an SCP eliminates all the legal 
fuzziness and may allow taking of certain fish classified as game fish 
(i.e., sunnies) by use of seines or dip nets, which would not normally 
be allowed. Such collecting must be primarily for scientific or 
educational purposes, such as captive breeding programs, life history 
studies, etc. Given the paucity of information of many of our native 
fishes, having some in one's home aquaria for baseline observation and 
assessment for the fish's suitability for maintenance in aquaria is also 
a legitimate rationale, as is collecting fish for aquaria to be set up 
in classrooms for educational purposes.

I am planning to submit a number of SCP applications in the next month 
or so, as I have found that some states will only issue SCP's for the 
calendar year in which they were received.  For the states you listed, I 
can list you as an authorized agent, which means that you could legally 
collect under any SCP's issued to the NFC.  Whether or not you need a 
license depends on the laws of the individual state, but usually an SCP 
does not require license purchase.  It generally WILL require keeping 
records of the numbers and species of fish captured and the disposition 
of them, such as the following: 25 Rainbow Darters, caught 6/10/99 in 
the Upper Tennessee River, Backwoods, TN - sent to B. Smith, an 
registered NFC Breeder, Charlestown, MA on 6/15/99..

I will need  the mailing address and telephone number of any one who 
wants to be listed in a SCP application as a NFC Authorized Agent.  
Being an agent allows one to collect under the authority of the NFC's 
permits.  Of course, being an agent also obligates one to follow the 
conditions of the SCP to the letter. Violations will _NOT_ be tolerated.  
Having said that, collecting under a NFC permit is a great way to ensure 
that all the fish collected are 100% legal.  In addition, the SCP's can 
allow taking of fish species and/or by the use of methods such as long 
seines and dip nets which are not allowed under a regular fishing 
license.  Probably cheaper, too, especially in those states that issue 
SCP's free or for a nominal fee, usually $10 - $25, whereas out of state 
fishing licenses are usually $35 +.

Alll Interested Parties: Please send requests to be an authorized agent 
to me by private email, listing the state(s) you are interested in 
collecting in and what types or species of fish you would like to 
collect and what will be done with the collected fish.  I am going to 
assume that if you are an authorized agent that you will be providing a 
reasonable number of fish to other authorized agents and to the NFC 
Breeder's Program (at NFC expense, of course).  Generally, I am going to 
list all species that occur within a state which are not listed as 
endangered or threatened on either the state or federal level to allow 
our field collectors to collect as many species as possible for our 
programs, especially the Breeder's Program. 

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>Where do we stand on the SCP permits for particularly Indiana but also 
>Kentucky, Illinois, Tennessee and Arizona?  These are the states I 
collect or
>have occasion to collect in.
>If for instances I travel to one of the states we are licensed in, what 
do I
>need to do to collect under it?  What help can I give to the 
>while I am there?  Who do I contact?  Will I also need a state license?
>Thank you,
>Chuck Church
>Indianapolis, Indiana USA
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