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NFC: Re: Collecting issues /sales o fish

>Given your strong feelings against collecing and selling fish ...how  do
>justify collecting and trading fish ? The fish are pillaged as you put it
>traded verses sold...I doubt the fish cares not wether he was sold or

A person who collects fish to trade, usually has limited space and limited
needs and would probably not take more fish than he would need from the
habitat.  I have no problem with this.  A person who collects fish for sale
will continue to collect the fish, as long as he has buyers.   Who is to say
"Stop, enough has been taken" ?   As long as someone is willing to buy these
fish, their collection will be continued.

>You also seem to miss the entire point of a sanctioned collector.
>carries responsibility and  consequences.

   I didn't miss the point, and I understand what sanctioning is all about.
I just find it hard to have faith in a conservation organization who
promotes commercialization of the very resource that it is trying preserve.

>I would think the recreational collector
>would  appreciate regulation and monitoring as it would carry so much more
>clout with the various fisheries agencies and insure his survival. So a
>sanctioned NFC collector should be  percieved as  good thing.
>real enemy is the bulldozer not the dipnet. :)

    I don't see how sanctioning someone to commercially sell fish helps the
recreational collector.   Basically, what you are doing is providing a code
of ethics that benefits the person buying the fish.   It assures him that he
is going to get quality fish and reasonable service and that if there are
any problems, they will be resolved.
    I also don't think that it lends much credence or clout with the
fisheries agencies.  I don't think that they care much about the
sanctioning.   What they see is a conservation organization that is
promoting the commercialization of a natural resource so that they can
profit from it.
    So many unique programs were developed by the NFC in its first year.
There's a lot to be proud of.  I'd hate to see you cheapen your efforts by
commercializing the very resources that you are trying to protect.

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