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Re: NFC: Carolina Parakeet.the cause......

I believe the mind set today is mostly changed, and if people are
educated properly, they would have no qualms protecting habitat.  In
order for this to work, agencies also have to allow these habitats to be
used responsibly by their owners, and improved if needed by who ever is
willing to take the challenge.  
   Suitable habitats also need to be expanded, but connected to existing
habitats.  this is one of the biggest road blocks in the "fight" to bring
back species that are in peril.  Locally when a small secluded sight of
preferred habitat is found ( even if the species doesn't live there) it
is automatically off limits to anyone.  This only breeds resentment and
is not productive.  If adjoining landowners were told ( that is if they
care) what they could do to improve there land , they may want to do it,
but not at the price of losing any rights to use there land.  Habitat
improvement is much akin to gardening, and can be quite an entertaining
hobby in itself.  this is reward enough let alone you may be giving a
troubled species a chance to have more room to grow and reproduce etc.
  If current laws are rewritten to take these things into account, and
these so called "animal rights groups" get down off their high horses, we
could all work together for a great cause, and have fun, beatify the
landscape, and accomplish something that may outlive us in the process.  
    Something to think about too,

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