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NFC: Re: NFClists, regard bowfin

A little note on feeding habits of the bowfin, to eliminate any myths. 
regardless of what you have been told or may believe, bowfin are not
bottom feeding scavenger types, although all fish will pick up a free
fresh dead meal from the bottom of their home.  Bowfins will always pick
live food over dead, and prefer to feed near the surface of or ,in mid
water,  in the shallows they inhabit. Any talk of bowfin should be kept
on the predator list, to keep categorically correct,( versus politically
correct, which is B.S. in my opinion)

championing the rights of amia calva , Ray
On Wed, 25 Nov 1998 15:01:34 -0500 (EST) Josh Wiegert
<wiegerj at paul_paulsmiths.edu> writes:

>Predators - A discussion list for our native predacious fishes, such 
>asgar, pike, and so on.  

>Lawyers- A discussion list for our native bottomdwellers, such as 
>Catfish, Darters, Sculpins,  and so on.  A great place to discuss any 
>of those ooze sucking, bottom dwelling predators.  

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