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Re: NFC: telephoning catfish

Michael: this is known as electrofishing and it ALWAYS - ALWAYS - ALWAYS 
requires special permits, such as a Scientific Collection Permit.

PS: I used a backpack model in college which used a motorcycle battery 
connected to a DC/AC converter with the electrodes at the end of a broom 
handle.  The current in the water was AC. Worked great as long as there 
was enough minerals in the water to conduct a current - I had to put 
blocks of rock salt upstream of my sampling locations on some mountain 
brooks that were almost mineral free.  The joys of granite geology.  
Also, the VT Fish and Game uses a bank generator that pushes out some 
MAJOR voltage for their stream surveys.  I am told that you don't want 
to have leaky waters or fall into the water unless you want to be  

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>Does anyone any experience in catching catfish by making them surface 
>electricity? Is alternating or direct current better? I want to make 
one that
>will work as well as possible without breaking the law in my area about 
>It must hand cranked is about the only limitation on it. What would be 
>best parameters be for making catfish come to the surface? Could 
battery power
>be used? Higher voltage or higher amps? The only ones I can buy are old
>fashioned and I would like to use a little bit of technology to improve 
>working capacity.
>ichael Hissom

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