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Re: NFC: Flag fish deaths

> I have been collecting flagfish from the wild for some
time now and have
>learned a few things. They are omnivores, though they
primarily feed on algea,
>I have noticed they pick at the fresh crushed crayfish and
frozen foods I feed
>the community tank. I also supplement thier diet in the
holding tank with
>green algea that grows in my daphnia tanks.

Thanks Daryl, this is just what I thought but wanted to hear
the others thoughts. They have cleaned up all the algae in
my tank. I just don't have any to feed them anymore. My
plant tank has lots of light but has reached a point of
equilibrium and there is very little algae.

I have been feeding them flake food. I recently started
feeding some
Spurlinia(sp) flakes because of concern of the lack of
algae. Veggies sound like a good idea too. I suspect that
its there diet. Any idea if they will eat anything like duck

I appreciate all the ideas from everyone but I don't think
they apply to these fish. My female came out earlier and her
and male calmly swam around the tank. No aggression toward
her from the male at all. I think I will move them (if I can
catch them! Ever try to catch "A" fish in a heavily planted
65 Gallon?) to my 30 long. It has started to produce some
stringy green algae. That would probably help them.

Any good ideas on food?

Jeff <*\\><
Old Bedouin saying: "Trust God, but tie up your camel, lest
you lose it."