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NFC: Flag fish deaths

I received this answer on the Nanfa list. I think this is my
problem. Diet, not enough greens.

Jeff <*\\><
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I have been collecting flagfish from the wild for some time
now and have
learned a few things. They are omnivores, though they
primarily feed on algea,
I have noticed they pick at the fresh crushed crayfish and
frozen foods I feed
the community tank. I also supplement thier diet in the
holding tank with
green algea that grows in my daphnia tanks. They seem to
especially enjoy this
as they will devour a clump in minutes. I think that a
supplement of store
bought veggie food as mentioned, is also a good idea. I
agree that some of the
prob may be PH related. The water here and in the wild is
upwards of 7.6 to 8.
I get the elasomma from the same location. The flagfish are
hardy, I even
threw a couple in a 2 day old planted setup to see if they
would survive the
ammonia spikes, and they did fine. I wish I could say the
same for the
Vallisnaria, which melted within days after overdosing with
a plant nutrient.
Still the the flagfish did fine. And I'm babbling as usual
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