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Re: NFC: Flag fish deaths

>I have been feeding them flake food. I recently started
>feeding some Spurlinia(sp) flakes because of concern of the lack of
>algae. Veggies sound like a good idea too. I suspect that
>its there diet. Any idea if they will eat anything like duck
>Any good ideas on food?

You can get green squash from the grocery store, cut a 1 inch or so slab,
be sure to peel off the skin, stick a lead weight or rock in it to sink it,
and they will eat themselves silly from the core outward.

You can't have enough duck weed to keep them happy... they love it.

Any crushed food floating on the surface will be tried... I use Hakari
Sinking Canivore pellets, crushed, the pieces float.


PS:  Even if you don't see them fighting, I still suggest you separate
them... or get more females.