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Re: live food

Michael: It is my understanding that seed shrimp can be cultured using 
the same methods as Daphnia, i.e., green water for food.  Gammarus are a 
bit more difficult as they seem to need smaller organisms for food.  I 
had some in a daphnia culture and found they were eating small daphnia.  
I do know it is possible to culture larger shrimp-like creatures, such 
as the nearshore mysis shrimp, by setting up a large aquarium and having 
a mini-ecosystem with the shrimp as the top predator.

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>I have been keeping and selling freshwater flounders for the past 
couple of
>weeks, for food I pull floating masses of hornwort out of the water in 
>lake where I catch the flounders and fill a five gallon bucket with the
>hornwort. I take it home and shake the hornwort in a bucket of water to
>dislodge the small animal life that lives in the hornwort where the 
>hunt. It would seem that the small flounders main food is seed shrimps, 
>half the size of baby brine shrimp. They cover the bottom of the tank 
when I
>strain them out of the water off of the hornwort. They look like clouds 
>small black balls. The smaller flounder love them. Has anyone every 
tried to
>culture these seed shrimp? Larger and faster gammerus seem to be the 
diet of
>the larger flounder, they are very quick and the flounder ambush them 
>below. Has anyone ever cultured gammerus in large quantities? I have 
>flounders in a 125 gal tank, I am going to try and see how big I can 
get the
>rest of the ones I have to grow. I have found out they have rather 
>larvae. They might be a candidate for aquarium aquaculture. I went 
>tonight, caught a swamp darter, several flounder, and some eels. A 
local fish
>store has eels on sale for $8.25. They are selling them too, won't buy 
>me, everyone seems to give native fish the bums rush.
>                                                             Michael

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