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Re: My cursed tank

Jeff: What you experienced was not unusual, as if the stand is not 
perfectly level and/or the weight is not equally distributed it will 
cause the stress to focus on a particular area, causing breakage or 
leakage.  Standard procedure for larger tanks is placing a sheet of 
rigid styrofoam insulation between the stand and the tank.  When the 
tank is filled, the styrofoam distributes the weight evenly, avoiding 
locallized stress and compensating for any irregularities.

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>I got a call tonight from the Church. Seems some of the ladies were 
>for practice and when they walked in the tank was leaking! Fortunately 
>me Debra has aquariums and knew what to do. She managed to save all the
>By the time I got there she had most of the mess cleaned up. It turns 
>the glass had literally cracked!! It set on a solid wooden stand that 
>leveled up. It has been there for 4-5 weeks now. I have NO idea what
>happened! So I guess that I get to repair the tanks again.
>I have been setting up a new tank at home and moving and disposing of a 
>fish to make room for the others. Off to bed now!
>Jeff <*\\><

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