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live food

I have been keeping and selling freshwater flounders for the past couple of
weeks, for food I pull floating masses of hornwort out of the water in the
lake where I catch the flounders and fill a five gallon bucket with the
hornwort. I take it home and shake the hornwort in a bucket of water to
dislodge the small animal life that lives in the hornwort where the flounder
hunt. It would seem that the small flounders main food is seed shrimps, about
half the size of baby brine shrimp. They cover the bottom of the tank when I
strain them out of the water off of the hornwort. They look like clouds of
small black balls. The smaller flounder love them. Has anyone every tried to
culture these seed shrimp? Larger and faster gammerus seem to be the diet of
the larger flounder, they are very quick and the flounder ambush them from
below. Has anyone ever cultured gammerus in large quantities? I have the
flounders in a 125 gal tank, I am going to try and see how big I can get the
rest of the ones I have to grow. I have found out they have rather large
larvae. They might be a candidate for aquarium aquaculture. I went collecting
tonight, caught a swamp darter, several flounder, and some eels. A local fish
store has eels on sale for $8.25. They are selling them too, won't buy from
me, everyone seems to give native fish the bums rush.