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Re: Flexipenis vittatus

The info I sent to you (copies of the info from Wischnath's Atlas of 
Livebearers of the World) indicates that these are easy fish to keep and 
propagate, although not commonly available. You will need to contact 
Herb Harris (top_side at geocities_com) about whether these would be 
eligible for the Breeder's Program. If so, you can register them for the 
BP from the NFC website: click on the Programs area. The NFC Breeder's 
Program, unlike most aquarium club programs, awards points for 
continuous production, not just for one or two bags of fry, so persons 
that can crank out volumes of offspring can generate as many, if not 
more, points than the person who breeds a large number of fish species 
but has low fry survival.  It also avoids the problem of persons who 
acquire and breed fish just for the points, using excess fry as feeder 
fish rather than making them available to other hobbyists.

I suspect they would be eligible for the BP as they are an unusual wild 
type livebearer, closely related to the Gambusia family, which includes 
a number of species  native to the US, Mexico and Central America.  As 
you may know, many of the fishes of the southwestern US, Mexico and 
Central America are becoming increasingly rare or extirpated from the 
wild due to pollution, watershed development, water withdrawal and other 
factors, so it is increasingly critical that the fish from these areas 
become part of breeding and species maintenance programs in one or more 

Glad you decided to join the NFC - a copy of the NFC newsletter, which 
includes an application form, is enclosed in the letter with your F. 
vittatus info. Don't forget to enclose $2 s/h for a complementary 
Tomelleri fine art print ($25 retail value) and indicate your choices on 
the application form, along with your membership fees.  Where else can 
you spend only ten bucks and join a national conservation organization 
and get a signed and numbered  fine art print worth $25 thrown in for 
only a $2 s/h fee?  Best $12 you will spend this year!  

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>Would Flexipenis vitatta be a species that the BP would be interested 
>in? I have just acquired a group of these from Rusty Wessel of 
>Louisville, KY, and it looks like they will be fairly easy to get 
>established. I have not joined the NFC yet, but plan to do so soon. 
>Dwight Moody was kind enough to respond to a request for info on these 
>that I placed on the Livebearers list, and he pointed me to this list 
>(Thanks Dwight!). They are a great fish and have made me decide to drop 
>my african cichlids in favor of natives and livebearers. Are these fish 
>rare in the hobby? How about in nature? 
>Scott McLaughlin
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