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  I have made the decision to go into the fish  business . I wanted to do
something that is environmentally sound and allows me to do something I really
enjoy , collecting and keeping fish. I will continue to fulfill contracts for
the ERP program and will on the side sell fish to other interested parties .
The demand for  exotics is just so high that I could not volunteer enough
hours to  fulfill the demand. With my new business I am able to continue work
with  the NFC 's ERP program  and I am able to make  a secondary income to
continue my  conservation work. I will give a % of all my outside sales  to
the NFC. This will allow me to pay my bills and remove those nasty exotics on
a full time basis.

I will collect once an  order is received . I collect on Friday, Saturday, and
Sunday, bag on Sunday evening, and ship on Mondays, cutting the holding time
to a minimum.  This will help insure top quality wild caught specimens.
Shipping will be by Priority Mail unless the buyer prefer and pays for
alternate arrangements, or the order is large enough to require a shorter
shipping period i.e. Delta Cargo.

So if you have an desire to get unique wild caught fish and support
conservation at the same time , please contact me. I specialize in Aquarium
Club Auctions , Public Aquariums and large orders. My Business is NFC
sanctioned and approved . Look for my ad on the NFC Website coming soon.

Florida wild caught exotics-
IA= immediately available
SA= sporadically available

SPECIES				   SIZE		            PRICE

Nandopsis Cichlasoma salvini   1" to 2 1/2"   IA      3.50 ea.
3"or more  SA                                       4.50 ea.

Jewel Cichlid *                         2" to 3 1/2"   IA    3.50ea

Oscar *                                 2" or more  SA     4.00ea

Mayan Cichlid                        2" or more  SA      4.50 ea.

Manguenese Cichlid               1 1/2" to 3"   SA      3.50 ea.

Plecos *      						   2" or more  SA   3.50 ea.

Pike Top Minnow livebearer  *        N/A              10.00 ea.

Tilapia *				  1 1/2" to 2 1/2 IA       3.50 ea.

Other species available as found and identified


Lepomis marginatus	Dollar Sunfish	         SA	

Enneacanthus gloriosus		Bluespotted Sunfish	     IA	 3.00 ea.

Elassoma evergladei		Everglades Pygmy Sunfish		SA        3.00 ea.

Etheostoma fusiforme	Swamp Darter				 IA	3.00 ea.

Heterandria formosa		Least Killifish			 IA		3.00 ea.

Peocilia latipinna *			Sailfin Molly			 IA	2.00 ea.

Jordenella floridae			Flagfish			 SA		3.00 ea.

Lucania goodei     			Bluefin Killifish			 IA	3.00 ea.

Fundulus chrysotus			Golden Topminnow		 IA        3.00 ea.

Noturus gyrinus				Tadpole Madtom			 SA	3.00 ea.

10 fish minimum on all orders 15.00 shipping and handling   includes Priority
One U.S. Mail
I am a licensed fish seller and follow all sate and federal regulations.
Purchase of these fish constitutes a contract, where by, the buyer agrees
never to return these fish to the wild.

Make checks or money orders payable to Daryl Roche
and send them to 
       Daryl Roche
425 N. E. 12th Ave
Ft. Lauderdale, Fl.   33301

Send e-mail orders to  DarylRoche at aol_com Orders filled on receipt of payment
and in most cases shipped the following Monday, according to availability.