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Re: Fwd: fish trap idea

		Recently I had the chance to meet up with S. Vernon, one of the ERP team
members, and watched as he fished with a soda bottle trap like the one Chuck
mentioned. I have now made one of my own which I will photograph, and submit
to the website for everyone to see. It seems most effective in well vegitated
areas, where there are a lot of minnows, who are quick to go after the bait,
bread or chicken bits, creating a lot of excitement which attracts the other
fish. A very efficient trap and as I become more familiar with it's advantages
and disadvantages I will report to the list and I encourage others to do the
same. BTW, the trap is not painted, but left clear, since it is being used
with bait. It is also connected to a broom handle via fishing line so I can
place it out farther and deeper in the water.
		I would also like to take this oppurtunity to thank Steve Vernon, Robert,
Dwight, Bill Flowers and everyone who has contributed thier time and efforts
to the Exotic Removal Program. Your involment has been invaluable,
 We're on a roll, keep up the great work.

Daryl Roche
Exotic Removal Program, NFC

P.S. Sorry for the delays in responding to some of the inquiries about the
ERP, it has been a very busy few weeks, but as soon as this crunch clears, I
will get back to you all.   Thanks Again    : )