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Fwd: fish trap idea


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I liked the idea about the soda cans on a line.  

How about this?  Soda bottles, painted black (it's a hiding place), pierced
with holes
< you need water flowing through it; use candle to heat thick wire for

When you get to site, pour some sand or small rocks into it for weight, along
with bait mixed in <dried dog food, hot dog piece, chum made from dead fish or
people who stole last trap or are tearing up your yard, etc.>

It's light weight and not a huge loss of stolen.  Easier to pour fish out
without hurting them (as in metal can).  I figure I can go to the recycling
container for plastic bottles and when they are no longer useful, put them
back.  No telling what might show up besides catfish if you use bait.  If you
want catfish only, don't use bait.

Another idea I've been thinking about is that in some conditions, you could
NOT run a line to shore.  Maybe put rocks on line in shallow water and wade in
after it or in deeper water rig up some sort of grappling hook to snag the
line and haul it in.  

By the way, a lot of my ideas are a compilation of earlier post on this
subject.  Thanks to everyone who has contributed to this pet project of mine!

Anyone who runs a field test of this idea, please let us know how it works
out!  It'll be too chilly to wade for most of us in a couple of months.

Chuck Church
CEFChurch at aol_com
Indianapolis, Indiana USA

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