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Church tank

Just wanted to brag a moment. That is allowed isn't it? :-)

I FINALLY have the 60 gallon set up in our Church in a gathering room
just of the main entrance. Tonight was the first service since I got it
up and THE KIDS WERE FASCINATED!! They just stood and stared and watched
the fish swim with total fascination. I can see that I will have to
clean the glass of fingers prints quite regularly! :-) I want to scan in
fish pictures out of Peterson's and post with names on the side of the
tank so kids can pick them out.

Here is the set up. This is the 60 gallon that I had so much trouble
with. After I got it fixed my friend needed money so I ended up with it.

Anyway, I collected some really nice gravel off the bank of the river
that ranges from tan to black. A few shells were left in the gravel for
realism. Then I found a sweetgum tree that had feel in the water. I
trimmed some limbs off of it to use in the tank. Then I scrounged
through my rocks and found a few to add to one of the corners. I added
some fake plants for now along with a real sprig of watersprite. Later
on as I add better lighting I will start to replace these phoney's with
real plants.

We have about 8-10 Red Belly Dace, (Thanks Luke!) 8 Spotfin shiners, 3
juvenile Longears and what I think are 3 Skip jack Herring. Still not
sure on those yet. This is a large fish load in an new tank so I will
have to watch close and do lots of water changes. Once this tank cycles
I want to add some Madtoms and Fundulus Killfish.

BTW Michael you gave me a great idea (your cypress tree made me think of
this). A friend and I are going to take his canoe up to the shallow
flats in the lake and take a couple of axes and see if we can find a
small stump. Then clean it up and use it in the tank instead of the
limbs. That should have a real natural appearance to it! 

Jeff <*\\><