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Collectors License/ Prezs 2 cents worth

Hello everyone,

Nice to see the recent discussions on the list about recreational
collecting. In My ongoing discussions with the Florida Fisheries
department we discussed a collectors stamp. I personally think it is a
good idea to legislate activities into existence instead of out of
existence. Which is what is happening many times. The legislators just do
not consider the needs of recreational collectors when making laws.
Anyway what will go to the powers that be is a proposal for a collectors
stamp , a stamp with a nice  drawing of a non game fish. The funds for
this 5 buck stamp would be used for non game research. I think it will
get passed I have the support of some senate folks and a high degree of
support with the Fisheries folks.
The NFC is working guys we just need to stay the course not get
discouraged and work together as a team. We all have a role to play in
helping to get the NFC up and running to the point we can approach all
states and provinces with reasonable ideas like a collecting permit. Stay
the course ! We will hit 1000 members by year end but thats just the
beginning we have so much to do. (If any  one would like to help in a
practical way just let me know.) 

I really hope that all  members of the NFC are good ambassadors to those
we meet and can encourage folks to get involved in our fishes
conservation . If not in the NFC certainly somewhere else ! There are a
lot of great organizations out there and I am sure  everyone can find one
they are comfortable with. It's much more important that people are
involved than where they are involved.

Robert Rice
Help Preserve our Aquatic Heritage join the NFC
e-mail us at NFC at actwin_com
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