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RE: NANFA-- Re: Collecting fears.......

Friends, this discussion has gotten a bit off-track from what I
initially responded to, so I don't want there to be any confusion about
my intentions.  The initial issue was whether removing fish actually
improved the health or survival of the fish population.  That's an
entirely different topic than whether removing them HURT the fish
population.  I guess that latter topic was touched on by the person who
asked that no one remove tropical fish.  I wish that person had
explained what he meant, but all he gave was a plea to leave them alone.
It's great that you shared your opinion, but you need to support your
claims if you want them to be taken seriously.  Perhaps you just need to
explain yourself better.

Regarding whether collecting fish benefits fish conservation-- a few of
you took the opportunity to preach to the choir about our role and that
we should be able to enjoy our aquatic life.  That's all fine.  I don't
think it's really that contentious of an issue among us.  

Just wanted to avoid having people trying to draw connections between
rather unrelated topics.