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Re: collecting fears

Definitely a way to get money on the table from the non game/food fish,
and fer sure, money talks!
	Wonder how many fish collectors would support such a plan right now?
Bet most the readers of this list would be more than happy to! Might
even be a way to get this going on some level through a charitable
donation to some deserving aquatic conservation organization whenever we
go collecting, sort of let our money do some of the talking for us on
where we really stand. :)
	Even I would find a way to afford a $1 donation when I go collecting!
Those of you that know me knows even that small amount means something,
fer sure! In a month of the usual sort, it would be at least $10 towards
the goals we all hold in common. :)


Moontanman at aol_com wrote:
> License for collecting sounds like a great idea to me.
>                                                   Michael