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BOUNCE nfc at actwin_com: Non-member submission from [Kerry Kirk-Pflugh <KKIRK at dep_state.nj.us>] (fwd)

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I am interested inlearning more about your organization and whether you
support educational efforts associated withurban waters.  I have for the
past five years conducted extensive outreach programs relative to state
fish consumption advisories trying to discourage consumptionof
contaminated fish and crabs.  One program was the development of a
set of lesson plans which will be used in area schools.  The document
introduces students to their local waters and talks about bioaccumulation
and human health risks.  In addition, we have also conducted numerous
fishing education programs that include nonpoint source pollution, water
quality monitoring and use of maps to identify local waters and the
proximity to their homes.  we have had great sucess and would like to
expand more in these urban areas.  I would love to talk with someone to
see if what we are doing fits your objectives.  I can be reached at
609-633-2312.  looking forward to learning more about you. kerry kirk
pflugh, research scientist, division of science and research, NJDEP