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Re: Size in the wild vs. aquarium -- was: Re: Collecting fears.......

Norm, The only source I can offer is my own personal experience.  I have
to greatly disagree with your statement on aquarium fish being larger on
average than wilds, though.  I could easily rattl eoff a dozen fishes that
will never obrtain their full sizes in aquaria, and I don't mean fishes
like pacu or snakeheads.  The quality of food in the wild is generally
better (I.e., flakes vs. natural foods.).  Water quality is probably much
better as well.  Stock levels are lower (i.e., 50 fish in a 55 gallon
tank, as copared to 10 in a 55 gallon pool of a stream).  Fish are also in
their best possible environment, i.e., is that apistogramma being kept in
water with a pH of 7.0 and a hardness of 15, or is he being kept in almost
pure rainwater in its natural environment.  The reasons for some fish,
such as the pupfish, maybe that tank lifespan is longer.  This would
especially be true of any killie, whose life is 4-6 mos in the wild, and
perhaps 3 times that in a tank.  

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On Tue, 1 Sep 1998, Norman Edelen wrote:

> Hi Josh, All,
> I have always been interested in the size differences between aquarium
> specimens and wild fish.  Usually aquarium specimens grow much larger than
> the natural animal.  Continual food is often the factor most cited.  Pupfish
> species are a prime example of this.  Aquarium raised specimens are often
> reported to be twice the size of the wild fish.
> Can you offer a source for you information on wild tiger barb size?  I find
> that interesting, and atypical.
> Norm
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