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What have I been doing this summer?  I have just recovered from a long
illness, it feels so good to be able to go out and just walk around I have
been almost giddy.  I have started some serious fish collecting in freshwater
for the first time in several years.  I have been collecting mostly saltwater
fish for several years now, it is strange to see how much the fish fauna have
changed since I last did any freshwater collecting.  Catfish seem to have
almost disappeared, sleeper gobies have taken over, pirate perches are rarely
caught, and pollution seems to have advanced it's cause considerably.  I have
a couple of fish trades going, I'm still looking for mudpuppies, sirens, and
madtoms.  It looks like the rest of the summer will work out well.  I plan to
get deeper back into the swamp as soon as I can.  I've seen several small
alligators as well as large ones and some huge snapping turtles.  I haven't
seen much in the way of snakes, and my quest for freshwater inverts is not
yielding much success.  I am excited about trading fish, this is the first
time I have tried it and so far it has been successful.  Surf fishing season
is about to get here, and I am looking forward to catching another blacktip
shark or two for the freezer.  I love shark steaks blackened and simmered in
an orange juice and wine sauce I make.  That's about it so far, I would like
to hear from anyone who has any atydid shrimp or any other odd crustaceans.