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Re: AFM and ramblings as just a Guy who loves Native Fish

Hello Robert, All,

I have had an active summer.  My most exciting day so far was spent fish
watching at a small river in Missouri.  I had never been able to get out to
do any fish watching or collecting on previous trips east of the Rocky
Mountains, and was unprepared for the amazing diversity of species present
back there.  In that one river alone were probably more species then in all
of Oregon!  I saw my first darters!  They were so adorable!  I think they
were logperch.  I did do a bit of angling there.  Brought in quite a mess of
really huge green sunfish.

I really need to do more fish watching/sampling back East.  I love Oregon's
fishes, but after that wonderful day in Missouri, I will always feel cheated
when I think about our lack of darters.

Last week I went on a collecting trip up in Washington State (our local
NANFA chapter's annual meeting), and met several people I only knew via
email through this list and others.  Great folks.  I think that they had an
educational and fun experience.  We learned quite a bit about salmon
conservation and habitat rehabilitation.  I hope to see more of them.


The North American Native Fishes Association:  over
20 years of conservation efforts, public education, and
aquarium study of our native fishes.  Check it out at

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Date: Wednesday, August 19, 1998 9:21 PM
Subject: AFM and ramblings as just a Guy who loves Native Fish

>Hi all,
>My new CPU is set up and the old one is on it's way to Ray Wolff my good
>friend and faithfull supporter.So  I will now be  back up to speed. With
>My duties as stay at home Dad (my wife is military for the next 10 months
>and is TDY often so I am alone many times with the children ), Stock
>Trader (pays the house bills  :)   ) , Freelance writer ( love to share
>with folks about them fishes) , fish ( IBID ) collector and NFC guy I get
>behind but it looks like I will be back up to speed this week.
>Anyway With all that going on I sometimes forget to say thanks to all of
>you who are just as passionate as I am. Your efforts have brought the NFC
>to where it is today and I thank you. Come to Navarre and dinner is on me
>:). The many projects we have working wear  your fingerprints.
>I have had an odd note or two complaining that the NFC is too commercial,
>money oriented etc etc.It seems asking for donations , selling things and
>the lot  bothers a few folks. While I appreciate your concern . I ask you
>, how else do you reccomend that a private non profit organization fund
>real conservation activities ? The struggle our fishes face are great and
>need to be aggresivley addresed. To adress them will take money. . And
>frankley we need money to get the job done.
>So I as President try  my best to raise funds in a appropriate manner
>whie balancing the many needs of our native fishes. I as former NANFA
>President and as NFC president in the last 5 or so years have spent
>countless hours and dollars ( OK not countless ,a 1000 bucks or so and a
>lot of hours  :)   ) on printing postage phone calls etc all in my
>efforts things I never ask for reimbursment on from any club because I
>wanted to help our native fish. I know a great many of you have made
>similar sacrifices for your passion. You have struggled alone , I
>appreciate it very much ! I offer you my respect and thanks .
>Anyway back to things I saw a nice article about the NFC on oct's AFM pg
>84....cool  , nice to see the freebies increasing !!
>so what are folks up to these summer days ?
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