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Re: Live foods

Yeah, I think that's what they use the pointy snout for.  I have had black
worms become established in tanks with UGF.  They live in the gravel and
consume wastes there.  I quit using black worms after some cory fry got
bloat right after hatching.  I suspected the worms as a vector for some
bacterial pathogen.

>I have just moved a Log Perch to my 20 long in my office and I know he
>is on the prowl when I here the gravel hitting the glass. I believe he
>is looking in the substrate for critters to eat. (Correct me if I am
>This got me to wondering what we would live in the substrate that
>would not be harmful and would supply some food for the fish. My tiny
>sunnies are always doing head stands and picking at the gravel for, I
>assume, left over food. The Shiners do the same thing but I can see
>what they are picking up.
>Anyone have any idea or suggestions? Or is this a bad idea?
>When I pick up rocks in the shallows I often see "something" crawling
>around. I swap rocks out in the 10G in the boathouse ever couple of
>weeks in hopes off adding fresh food.
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