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Re: NANFA-- extinct in wild fishes

Hi guys.  I'm forwarding this from the NANFA list just because it relates
to a thread here.  If you don't like it, you can blame me.

Mark Binkley

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>> In that area in Nuevo Leon now six Cyprinodon species are extinct:
>> Cyprinodon inmemoriam - extinct
>>Hmmm.  How did this fish get its name?  Was it named after it was
>>determined to be extinct?
>>From the orig description by Lozano & Contreras: "The specific name
>*immemoriam*, used as a substantive in apposition, is a latin expression
>remember after death, in reference to the species being described after its
>> Skiffia francesae and Zoogoneticus tequila are extirpated in the wild, but
>> kept by aquarists in North America and Europe.
>>What is the difference between "extinct" and "extirpated"?
>Extinct means gone for good, its living genetic material nowehere available on
>eaart. Extirpated means its gone from a particular area (river, state,
>etc)...or, in this case, the wild.
>See the upcoming American Currents for additional info. on Z. tequila.
>Chris Scharpf
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