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Re: Pupfish project questionaire

yep, I will spare a tank for a single species, and do the documentation
on behavior for a life history. Be glad to!


PS: for great green egg and ham, roadkill fillet with all the "extras"
thrown in for free from Kansas are reputedly the best! ;)

robert a rice wrote:
> All,
> I'vw gone ahead and contacted Both of them. Hopefully they will have some
> positive input. OK heres a what if Question...........Id like to see what
> kind of support is out there for a potential Pupfish Project.
> 1. Would you be willing to make a small Cash donation that would go
> directly to support the aquarium maintinence of extripated pupfish
> species ?
> 2. Would you be willing to put 1 tank or pond in use and maintain a
> single species in it. Document behavior and life histories ?
> 3. Would you eat green eggs and Ham , Would you could you Sam I am. ? :)
> Robert Rice