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Re: C. veronicae

If anyone gets inspired by this, I suggest contacting the American
Killifish Assoc (http://www.aka.org/) and getting on their email lists.
Also, though I don't know Juan Miguel Artigas Azas (juan at cichlidae_com) and
Rhonda Wilson <rhondawi at m6_sprynet.com> personally, from what I know about
them, I'm confident they would welcome inquiries on obtaining and
preserving these species.  Check out Juan Miguel's excellent web site:

>Read this folks,
>Thanks for the input.......I , since I came out of lurker mode today:)
>Place a challenge befor this list. What can we do to preserve some of
>these fishes. We are several years away from having the proper habitat
>restoration needed to get the long term  job done. However our breeders
>program may be able to step in and fill the temporary gap. How do we go
>about aquiring and rearing some of these extinct in the wild species ?
> To make things  more interesting if we  can get a program setup I will
>devote an entire column in TFH to this worthwhile program. Giving credit
>where it is due ACN,  NFC  whomever....I personally would love to see a
>list of exstinct in the wild species maintained by aquarist !!! Anyway
>back to lurker mode :)
>Robert Rice
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