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Re: private or list conversations?

Prior postings brought up some good points, not the least of which is 
the educational value of general interest subjects.  Personally, I 
generally reply to the list if I think that others will benefit from the 
discussion and switch to private mode when it becomes more of a one on 
one discussion.  For instance, a general list posting might be 
announcing that I have X number of a particular species I want to trade.  
Replies on shipping arrangements should be private, unless you feel an 
urgent need to share the details for some reason, such as a new 
overnight/second day air shipper to be used for the shipment, which 
everyone might be interested in knowing about.

I have noted that some people get overwhelmed by the volume of 
discussion list traffic and drop off, which is unfortunate, as we lose 
their participation. Here on Hotmail, I subscribe to the NFC and 
livebearer lists and sometimes am shocked by the volume of mail which I 
have to wade through.  If it accumulates, then no new messages can be 
accepted, so I might miss something important because my mailbox is 
full.  Keep in mind that others may be affected by this also, so think 
about whether an email is truly a general interest item before posting 
it to the entire list.

A good rule of thumb would be post to the general list if you want lots 
of feedback and/or have something that others would be interested in but 
post privately for one-on-one discussions.

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>I think Chuck has a good point.

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