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Re: private or list conversations?

Most of the conversations on this list are plural, several people discussing
the same or similar topics.  That is one of the best things about being on a
list, someone who has information can share it, someone else can find out
things they didn't know.  Old hands can share with the new people.  I try to
follow all the threads.  Sometimes if a subject doesn't interest me I to know
where the delete button is.  But I have found some very interesting
information from posts that I didn't think I would be interested in.  If
someone asks a question I answer it if I can.  If I cannot someone else
probably can. if we stop sharing our conversations we will loose the strength
of our numbers. If i need to talk to some one in private I will, but if a post
is about something that concerns aquatic ecology, fish, or any of the myriad
concerns of our hobby I think it is appropriate to share it with every one, I
have been at this for 35 years, I learn something new on a regular basis, if
we take the free sharing of information away, then we are just a bunch of
individuals.  I think we are stronger as a group.