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private or list conversations?

Being new to lists, I hesitate getting in to this.  But I decided to go ahead
and throw my two cents in anyway.

I've seen several things on the 6 lists I belong to I think should be handled
privately in its entirety but some that starts out as general interest that
should be finished up privately.  As a relative newby to native fish (and I am
sure there are others) I find a lot of things interesting and valuable that
the experienced do not care to read about.  Knowing what someone has to trade
happens to be something I find interesting; the details after that.....a lot
of that could be handled privately maybe.  

Someone on one of the lists recently said, "I have a delete key and am not
afraid to use it."

Anyway, just my initial thoughts.  I'm pretty easy to get along with on most
things and will go along with with the group decides.  I certainly do not want
anyone's feelings hurt.

Chuck Church
Indianapolis, Indiana USA