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Re: NFC chat (fwd)

> Hey Luke,   
> 				I have repeatedly tried to enter the chat room, but all I get is the
> parchat icon at the bottom of the page. I am running through a version of
> Netscape Communicator 4.0 ,an upgrade I got for free of thier website. It says
> I am Java enabled, but who knows. My puter is a Mac powerbook 1400     system
> 7.5.3 .Any ideas what I can do to resolve this, aside from adding the puter to
> the aquarium.   : P    

That's what you get for being a MacManiac!  Nobody knows what to do 
'cuz we all use PC's ;-)

Seriously, go to the parachat home page at www.parachat.com and view 
the FAQ.  The answer is probably there.



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