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Sunnie Question

I wanted to tap into some of the experience on this list. I have been
planning a large 250 gallon tank (8'x2'x2') for our new home. I am
thinking of keeping natives in it and working on what fish I want. I
have several very young Sunnies in 2 or 3 different tanks. Once we
sale this place I will most likely buy an older trailer as a temporary
home while we build. This will limit my space for tanks most likely.

My question is how compatible are Bluegills and Longears together?
Most of mine are nickel to quarter sized.  I am starting to see some
aggression between the Longears now. Maybe they are setting up
territory but none the less I see them chasing each other a bit. I am
just wondering if I can put them all together for 6-9 months with out
any real problems? Of course in a decent sized tank, not crammed in a
small one.

Once they are in the new tank there should be enough room for them and
some others too. I am also raising some small Spotfin  Shiners with
the Sunnies in hopes that if they grow up together they will make tank
mates in my new large tank.

While we are on the subject, what other fish might be compatible with
Sunnies and Shiners? Open for some suggestions.

Jeff <*\\><
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from him." Mark 4:24,25
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