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Re: Sunnie Question

I hate to seem shameless on getting rid of my Red Shiners...but, I do keep
them with Longears in a 55 gal and have had NO visible aggression between
the two species.  Don't know about the 'gills however.  If you want to try
some...your welcom to some of my freebies.  :)


On Tue, 4 Aug 1998, Kudzu wrote:

> I wanted to tap into some of the experience on this list. I have been
> planning a large 250 gallon tank (8'x2'x2') for our new home. I am
> thinking of keeping natives in it and working on what fish I want. I
> have several very young Sunnies in 2 or 3 different tanks. Once we
> sale this place I will most likely buy an older trailer as a temporary
> home while we build. This will limit my space for tanks most likely.
> My question is how compatible are Bluegills and Longears together?
> Most of mine are nickel to quarter sized.  I am starting to see some
> aggression between the Longears now. Maybe they are setting up
> territory but none the less I see them chasing each other a bit. I am
> just wondering if I can put them all together for 6-9 months with out
> any real problems? Of course in a decent sized tank, not crammed in a
> small one.
> Once they are in the new tank there should be enough room for them and
> some others too. I am also raising some small Spotfin  Shiners with
> the Sunnies in hopes that if they grow up together they will make tank
> mates in my new large tank.
> While we are on the subject, what other fish might be compatible with
> Sunnies and Shiners? Open for some suggestions.
> Jeff <*\\><
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